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Luxury is a language

Ranging from jewelry to cars and from high fashion to perfumery, luxury evokes an idea of refinement and elegance which may be expressed not only by products themselves, but may also be conveyed by the language.

Each brand has its own language:

Each brand strives to establish its unique position in the market. For communication campaigns it means the creation of a unique language through a thorough selection of vocabulary symbolizing the essence of the brand. So we reserve the right to speak not one but many luxury languages. They convey a way of life, the idea of beauty and art of life; in short, this is the whole universe, which the translator must transfer to the target culture. Luxury languages are characterized by poetic style, elevated writing and use of images, refined formulations and words suitable for evoking dreams. So the mission of the translator is to convey the idea of the content, striving to produce a similar effect on the recipient. It is thus a real exercise in writing which requires a mastery of style and register, as well as a sense of linguistic creativity.

The concept of luxury is subjective and varies according to culture, age cohort and social group for which it is intended. When you perform a translation for a brand, you create a culture embodying both your identity and individuality of your customers. But language alone is not enough to convey an idea from the customer to the recipient without knowledge of cultural codes and historical contexts. Translation in luxury sector also means being an expert in subtle aspects of culture, as well as in the tendencies and trends of your audience. Of course, it requires careful study of fashion and luxury circles and their perception by clients.

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