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AFTCom offers you all types of interpretation for all kinds of meetings and events.

Conference translation services:

Being a conference interpreter is not easy, this profession requires special skills and hard work. This is the reason why conference interpreters are considered top cognitive athletes. We guarantee you excellent interpretation services thanks to our highly qualified translators specializing in all types of simultaneous translation: translation of seminars, conferences and workshops, simultaneous translation for journalistic interviews, etc.

Rent of equipment for simultaneous translation:

In addition to this service, AFTCom offers rental of equipment for simultaneous interpretation: booths, headsets, microphones, etc.

Liaison interpreting

To make your meetings successful, AFTCom offers you a liaison interpreting services tailored to your needs. Consecutive translation mode will allow you to communicate effectively with foreign partners regardless of the type of event: business meetings, excursions, trainings, interviews, etc.; rental of gadgets for excursions is also possible.

Highly qualified interpretation services, skilled translators who signed an ethical charter guaranteeing you absolute confidentiality.

Service d’interprétariat efficace, interprètes hautement qualifiés signataires d’une charte déontologique pour garantir une confidentialité absolue.

Interpretation in social setting, face-to-face translation or interpretation by phone

Our agency, approved by the Ministry of Interior Affairs in interpretation by phone, registered under the number INTV20072668S, offers you professional telephone interpretation services for track your citizens’ files across the country. Our services are provided by qualified and experienced staff translators who have signed an ethical charter to guarantee professional secrecy and confidentiality of your interviews.

This type of interpretation can also be provided in person for almost all the offered languages.

A brochure providing a detailed explanation of this type of interpretation can be sent to you upon request.

Interpreting by videoconference

AFTCom has a room equipped with state-of-the-art videoconferencing equipment. The simple use makes this service accessible and suitable for all your remote interviews.

Interpretation by teleconference

AFTCom makes it possible to organize remote meetings in virtual rooms that can accommodate up to 10 participants at the same time. Feel free to refer to our brochure for more information.

Languages offered

French, english, german, italian, spanish, portuguese, dutch, russian, georgian, armenian, ukrainian, romanian, albanian, macedonian, serbian, greek, belarusian, bosnian, chechen, moldavian, turkish, bengali, soninke, arabic, maghrebian, oriental, eritrean, chadian, sudanese, fur, azerbaijani, dari, pashto, kurdish, berber, chaoui, shilha, tamazirt, chinese, tibetan, mandarin, tamil, hindi, punjabi, sarakole, jola, serer, wolof, ewe, achomi, linga, bambara, mandinka, dyula, somali, igbo, fon, fon of benin, amharic, tigrinya, oromo, jakhanke, fula of guinea, susu, hassaniya arabic, fula of mauritania, hausa, creole, krio, swahili, comorian, malagasy, pidgin, tui.

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