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Legal translation requires knowledge of law

Like any professional linguist, a legal translator should know the basics of the field in which he translates texts from the source language into the target language; in other words, the availability of translation skills does not exempt the future legal translator from the knowledge of law.

In fact, legal terminology cannot remain the prerogative of an exclusive circle, but it should become the language of all those who use it in the context of routine professional practice. The first observation with regard to a legal text is as follows: its translation requires a dual knowledge, both legal and cultural, of the countries of the source and target languages since transition from one legal system to another can sometimes be particularly delicate when the countries concerned do not belong to the same legal system.

The example of legal translation from English into French

This is especially true when it is necessary to translate an English legal text into French, which requires a good knowledge of common law and the law of civil tradition. Any misunderstanding between the jurisdictional systems of France and England can be a source of errors. We in no way claim to have invented a new method of legal translation based on translation operations. On the contrary, AFTCom legal translators apply a rigorous translation strategy to translate legal concepts and notions to guarantee an optimal quality of the target text.

AFTCom guarantees high quality of translation

AFTCom ensures the best quality of translation of all your legal documents thanks to its professionals specializing in French and international law :

  • translation of contracts
  • translation of internal regulations
  • translation of diplomas
  • translation of general terms and conditions of sale
  • translation of tender documents
  • translation of court judgements and claims, etc.
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