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Italian (italiano) is a language belonging to the Romance language group of the Indo-European family. There is a great number of Italo-Romance dialects.

The Italian language plays a very important role in the world. This is demonstrated by the presence of a great number of Italian words in European languages. It is the official language in Italy, Switzerland, San Marino and the Vatican.

La langue italienne occupe une place très importante dans le monde. Ceci s’explique par la présence de plusieurs mots italiens dans les langues européennes. Elle est la langue officielle en Italie, en Suisse, à Saint-Marin et au Vatican. Elle est la langue maternelle de 68 millions de personnes et compte pas moins de 85 millions de locuteurs au total. It is the native language for 68 million people, with a total number of speakers of at least 85 million. Italian language uses twenty-one letters of the Latin alphabet. The letters j, k, w, x, and y are used in loanwords only. Like Croatian, Spanish, Czech, Portuguese and Romanian, Italian exhibits an almost perfect transparency of graphophonemic transcription. The tonic accent is essential. The penultimate syllable is stressed in the vast majority of words. You will then need a little effort not to stress the end of the word, but the syllable standing before it.

Italian grammar has many similarities with French and Spanish grammar, as these languages belong to the same Romance group. The noun has two genders: feminine and masculine, and two numbers: singular and plural. Verbs are divided into three groups, based on their infinitive ending. The Italian language distinguishes four moods: indicative, conditional, subjunctive and imperative; and three impersonal forms: infinitive, gerund, participle. As in French, the auxiliary verbs used for the conjugation of compound tenses are the verb “to have” and the verb “to be”.

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