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Sworn translator

We provide a certified or sworn translation of your civil documents. Such translated documents bear the seal of a sworn translator authorized by the Court of Appeal; it also bears a registration reference assigned to it at the archivation in the court.  This translation is recognized by all French administrative bodies



Translation of websites

Let your websites speak all languages. Translation of showcase sites and E-commerce sites by native professional translators. The study of your project is free; it includes page extraction, word counting, adaptation based on your strategy and sending you a customized quote detailing price and term of delivery.


Technical translation

Since its establishment, AFTCom has been focusing on technical translation, relying on its team of expert professionals and using specialized terminology databases; we perform translation of user manuals, analytical methods, audits, inspection reports, diagrams, patents, etc.


Legal translation

AFTCom guarantees you an optimal quality of translation of your legal documents by linguistic experts specializing in French and International Law: translation of contracts, internal regulations, general conditions of sale, tender documents, etc.


Medical translation

Medical translation is considered one of the most difficult fields for linguists. Our professional translators are carefully selected according to their linguistic and extralinguistic qualifications and experience in the medical field. The style of medical translation performed by AFTCom varies depending on the final recipient of the translation – general public or professionals.


Certified translation

The certified translation is a translation bearing the seal of our agency; it is valid for universities, health institutions, and is particularly intended for embassies and English-speaking countries.





AFTCom does not cut down its expenses to the detriment of the quality of its services because we are guided by high and strict standards (ISO 17100: 2015).


Pursuant to Article 378 of the Penal Code, AFTCom is obliged to respect the professional secrecy and confidentiality of the content of its clients’ projects.


In the event of a delay in delivery AFTCom shall reimburse all amounts paid for the performance of the service, if it is responsible for such delay.


Our pricing policy is transparent, our prices include the performance of the service, verification, proofreading, delivery and, if necessary, the introduction of modifications requested by the client.

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