SDL Trados Studio and translation efficiency

11 janvier 2021

Why many professional translators rely on the resources of this translation software and how it helps boost productivity.

Cloud storage, terminology base, translation memories, alignment, and a host of other words have become buzzwords in the professional translation community. SDL Trados studio is a computer-assisted translation software that was developed by the German language solutions company Trados GmbH and is now used by many professionals around the globe. It offers impeccable translation solutions and exceptional customer experience.

The use of this technology by translators creates a synergy of human-machine productivity that makes translation efficient and easier. This reason, among others, is why SDL Trados is what to choose if you wish to run a successful translation business. We are going to look at some of its features and resources below:

The creation of translation memories and terminology bases:  SDL Trados translation memory is one of the most used tools of this software. a database that stores translated terminology, sentences, paragraphs, or segments based on a particular field and when texts of similar content are uploaded for translation, matches are automatically suggested as translations.  Terminology is generated from these translated segments and can be used when similar documents are uploaded for translation. Find out more in our article on Translation Memories (#link or address). SDL Trados Studio also has a terminology management tool, SDL MultiTerm that makes it possible to create, add, edit, and delete terminology, and can be used simultaneously. Files created using the software can be shared on SDL cloud or offline as independent files.

The practicability of working on any file type: SDL Trados Studio is a software that generates various file types, and also makes it possible to translate any file format, such as Microsoft Office files, HTML, and Graphic Design file formats, etc. Contents can be translated without affecting its original format or setup and can be converted to another if necessary.

Translation project management and desktop to server workflow solutions: Translation project management is also made easy by the software and can be managed both online and offline. Files for translation can be shared among project teams using clouds and servers. Customised settings remain the same throughout the project even as files are translated by different professionals. This customisable working option is also a perfect solution for companies that use freelance translators because projects can be created and executed solely online if necessary.

The access to extensive language combinations: SDL Trados Studio has a wide range of language combination options that makes it a go-to software for computer-assisted translation. These combinations can also be preselected for translation memory and terminology base management, which means setting language pairs is not limited to just translation.

SDL Trados Studio also offers other applications and plug-ins that can be downloaded from the SDL Trados Appstore, in addition to the ones that come with the application software.

New users can join the SDL community or consult its forum to get acquainted with the software. Also, members support each other by sharing tips and ideas as well as providing answers to questions on how to use the software and maximise its advantages.

Translation agencies like AFTCom rely on the software to provide efficient and high-quality translations using the above-mentioned features. Freelance translators work together on a loop on a project, translations memories can be created and shared, files can be generated and converted, how-to-use tips can be exchanged on forums, this computer-assisted translation software is a must-have for translation professionals.


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