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Specialized agency

AFTCom is an agency specializing in translation, interpretation and training in these two areas. It offers its clients all types of translation: free, certified or sworn in all technical, legal and medical specialties, etc.

Interpretation may be provided in all possible forms: consecutive or simultaneous interpretation, face-to-face interpreting; the services may also be rendered by teleconference, by videoconference or by phone.

Individual or group training

AFTCom also offers individual or group training in translation and interpretation, as well as linguistic and socio-cultural training for professionals and social structures.
Corporate culture is based on a scope of values, working methods and know-hows that make up its ”DNA” or, in other words, its identity. It reflects the commitments and vision shared by our team.

AFTCom, a major player in the field of interpretation and translation, was guided by its own corporate culture, inspired by actual requirements imposed for translation and interpretation, as well as by its desire to serve primarily to humans and meet consumers’ expectations.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a priority at AFTCom, and this is the reason why we have implemented the QMS Quality Management System which favoured AFTCom to become an ISO 9001: 2015 certified agency.

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AFTCom is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified agency; the certificate registered under the number FR061595-1 has been issued by Bureau Veritas

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